Troels is a first-class technical specialist with a deep understanding and strong foundation in a broad number of technologies and disciplines with years of experience. He has a business degree and experience as founding partner of a successful IT Consultancy giving him a keen understanding of the business side that very few with his technical background have.

Troels’s unique background means he can work from conceptual to practical level in many different roles and gives him a unique ability to execute and get things done even in the most challenging of environments. He takes pride in delivering high quality work on time with a focus on innovative and best-of-breed solution no matter technology.


  • Resourceful and ambitious - Troels takes a logical and structured approach with a strong focus on delivering value for the client. He strives to pass expectations and in the pursuit often shows a keen ability to navigate organizational politics.

  • Creative and inquisitive - Troels has an inquisitive and creative nature that means he naturally seeks out new knowledge and tries to understand things from many different perspectives. Troels often leverages this to quickly jump into unknown territory and come up with unique and unusual solutions

  • Helpful and friendly - Troels enjoys helping others whenever he can and is happy to share and teach his knowledge when he has the opportunity.

  • Conscientious and long-term thinking - Troels has a strong focus on quality and long-term viability of the work he delivers. He always has the big picture in mind, anticipating the future uses of the work and thereby maximizing the value of the effort that was put in.


  • IT Architecture - Troels is an experienced software developer, but also has experience in operations and networks on a number of different platforms and technologies ranging from in-house to cloud-based solutions. Combined with his strong business understanding, this gives him a unique holistic perspective that results in better thought-out architecture.

  • Software development and solution design - Troels has more than 14 years of professional development experience combined with a strong theoretical foundation in both business and computer science. He leverages this to make sure the solutions are made in a way that insures adherence to client’s needs and a strong focus on correctness, maintainability and readability of source code leading to low total cost of ownership.

  • Prototyping and proof of concept development - Troels’s skillset, broad knowledge and keen interest in new technology gives him the ability to quickly produce working prototypes, often in hours or days, proving concepts before venturing into more expensive and slower research and development phase.

  • Mentoring and Teaching - Troels has a passion for teaching and likes to share his experience and insight with others. This makes him a valuable team player and creates a positive learning environment that attracts top talent.

Key achievements

Design and development of a printing solution with 200 000+ user base worldwide

IPP-Print is a software solution that enables the users to print from any device - like Macs, PCs, Smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), iPad and other tablets. Troels was the driving force behind the idea and development of IPP-Print, and built the initial prototypes on Windows, Mac and Linux. He managed the development team and pushed forward the technical side of the project.

Key roles: Product design, IT- Architecture, Technical Project Management, Provision of Infrastructure and Development guidelines.

Establishment of an IT consultancy firm, and expansion thereof to reach 17 highly skilled technical employees

IT-Kartellet is an IT consultancy that does software development, technical project management, design and solution architecture on a number of different platforms and technologies. Troels was one of the two founding partners and was an integral part of building the company to 17 employees. He had many different roles when building the company, but one of his key roles was always ensuring technical excellence both when hiring new employees, and when delivering to customers. IT Kartellet has been awarded the Gazelle Award in 2013 and 2014 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark by the business newspaper Børsen.

Key roles: Project Management, Sales, Recruitment, Hiring, Interviews, and Strategic planning.

IT Architect on Damco operation vendor transition project

Damco changed it operation vendor in the fall of 2013 and had to reinstall over 160 servers in less than 6 months at the new vendor. Troels help with the IT architecture and technical coordination with the operational vendor and the software development vendors to ensure the project meet it’s deadline with minimal downtime and interruption of service.

Key roles: IT- Architecture and Technical Project Management

IT Architect on Open Source CMS hosting for large Summer-home rental company

A large Summer-home rental company was planning to move their existing legacy rental website to Drupal an Open Source CMS system. Troels was contract to do the solution and hosting architecture based on the customers existing hosting environment that was running Redhat, Satellite and a number of other Redhat specific technologies. Troels was instrumental in making sure platform was scalable and easy to manage by utilizing the tools the hosting team was accustom to.

*Key roles: IT- Architecture and Solution Architecture *

Design and development of a network monitoring and configuration management solution for NNIT

Netlookup was a multi-vendor network configuration and network discovery solution. It ensured that network departments working in heavily regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, could meet the strict change management and compliance requirements. Troels developed Netlookup while still studying and successfully sold the solution to NNIT that used it to manage 4000+ network devices across their customer portfolio.

Key roles: Business Case development, Sales, Software development, Debugging, Reverse Engineering and Network tracing.

Design and development of one of the top 2 highest-rated applications at Copenhagen Business School gives more than 19,000 students and 600 teaching staff access to high quality personal calendars by cleaning and combining data from a number of mutually incompatible legacy systems with low data quality. Troels was instrumental in the design and development of a scalable data extraction and cleaning system that provided the foundation for building the new calendar application. Key roles: Vendor Management, Software Development, Solution Development, IT-Architecture.

Single Sign-On implementation and migration used by 40 000+ users worldwide for Damco

Active Directory Federation Services is a Microsoft-provided Single Sign-On implementation that Damco had used for a number of application. Troels migrated the existing solution to a new hosting vendor, upgraded from version 1.0 to version 2.0, extended the solution to cover a number of new applications by developing a custom authentication plug-in to integrate with Java applications. He did this without interruption to service and has maintained the solution for the last two years without incident.

Key roles: Vendor Management, Software Development, Solution Development, IT-Architecture and Development guidelines.

Rewriting of a Portal application used by 30 000+ users worldwide for Damco

Damco has a number of independent applications that are used by their employees and customers, to give a unified access to both internal and external users. Damco had developed a portal application to provide dashboards, a standardized look and feel, and to share common functionality among applications. When Troels took over the maintenance of the application, it was suffering from serious performance problems and a convoluted and hard-to-maintain codebase. With only a small team available for the task, he was able to rewrite the application and push the new version to production in under 4 months, thereby solving the performance problems and providing a stable base for new development.

Key roles: Business Case Development, Software Development, Reverse Engineering and Team Management.

Main Work Experience (Last 5 years)

Period Company Description
2014-08 - 2014-12 Damco Technical manager on worldwide logistics application monitoring project for Damco (WebSphereMQ, ActiveMQ, Oracle, HTML5)
2014-05 - 2014-12 Damco IT Architect on SQL Server Reporting and BI solution POC for Damco (SSRS, SSIS, CDC, Oracle, SQL Server, T-SQL, C#, MVC5, ASP.NET, WebAPI2, JavaScript)
2014-05 - 2014-12 Damco IT Architect on design architecture guidelines for Damco
2013-05 - 2014-12 Damco Support and maintenance of an ADFS solution for Damco (ADFS 2.0, STS, Active Directory, Release Management, C#)
2014-10 - 2014-10 Nota Freelance developer and application architect at Nota (WebAPI2, ADFS 3.0, OAuth 2.0, JavaScript)
2014-05 - 2014-09 Damco Setup of a VMware environment for test servers for Damco (VMWare)
2009-01 - 2014-04 IT-Kartellet Founding partner at IT-Kartellet (Project Management, Sales, Accounting, IT-Architecture, Solution Development)
2013-12 - 2014-06 Damco IT Architect on Damco transition from HP to IBM
2014-01 - 2014-05 Damco IT Architect on ADFS 2.0 migration from HP to IBM for Damco (ADFS 2.0, Vendor Management)
2013-04 - 2014-02 Rental Company IT Architect on Drupal project running on Redhat
2013-04 - 2013-06 Saxobank IT Architect on Moodle project with SSO integration
2013-01 - 2014-05 Damco Code review and follow-up with software development vendors for Damco (C#, Teaching, Coding standards)
2009-04 - 2014-04 IT-Kartellet IT Architect and Technical team lead on print install product for IT-Kartellet (C#, Perl, JavaScript, Windows, Mac, Linux)
2013-08 - 2013-10 Damco Development of an authentication servlet filter to integrate with ADFS ADFS for Damco (Java, Tomcat, WebSphere, Weblogic, ADFS, SAML 2.0)
2013-04 - 2013-10 Damco Technical manager on troubleshooting different application issues for Damco (AIX, Oracle, Linux, Windows, SQL Server)
2012-10 - 2013-05 Damco Technical project manager and IT Architect on ADFS 1.0 to ADFS 2.0 migration (ADFS 1.0, ADFS 2.0, STS, C#)
2012-04 - 2013-05 Damco Team lead on portal application development for DAMCO (C#, ASP.NET, MVC3, Project Management)
2011-02 - 2012-07 Damco Technical Project manager for DAMCO on worldwide rollout of logistics application (AIX, Oracle, Weblogic, Java, Vendor Management, SAN, Performance Tuning)
2010-09 - 2010-12 CBS Project management and idea development for CBS (Project Management)
2010-07 - 2010-08 CBS Students Data verification of Student Information System for CBS (PHP, Oracle, SQL)
2010-02 - 2010-07 CBS IT and Solution Architect on Web-based Calendar for students at CBS (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server)
2010-08 - 2010-06 CBS Setup of print accounting systems for CBS Students (Project Management)
2010-07 - 2010-07 CBS Performance problem debugging and analysis on Moodle setup at CBS (PHP, Oracle, Apache)
2010-06 - 2010-06 CBS Prototype development for a new intranet for CBS students
2010-06 - 2010-06 CBS Implementation of GFS- and NFS-based solutions for Moodle at CBS (GPS, Redhat, Linux, PHP)
2010-05 - 2010-05 CBS Development of an SSO solution for Drupal and Sitecore integration (PHP)
2010-03 - 2010-04 CBS Computer usage statistics for CBS (Business Intelligence, C, Excel, Perl)
2010-03 - 2010-03 IT-Kartellet Web server and DNS setup for a small Hosting Company (Linux, Apache, mySQL, DNS)
2010-01 - 2010-02 CBS Google Apps proof-of-concept at CBS with WAYF Single Sign-On integration (SAML, SimpleSAMLPHP, Google Apps)
2009-11 - 2009-11 CBS Development of an Active Directory user synchronization system (C#, XML)
2009-11 - 2009-11 CBS Students Technical support and training in setting up development environment for print account company (Vmware, VPN, Subversion, C#, Coding Standards)

Educational Background

  • 2006-2009: Cand.merc.DAT : MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science at Copenhagen Business School

  • 2003-2006: Ha(dat.) : BSc in Business Administration and Computer Science at Copenhagen Business School

  • 2002-2003: BSc in Computer Science at University of Copenhagen (finished 2 semesters).

Contact and Personal details

  • Nationality: Danish

  • Address: Frederiksborgvej 139, 2, 04, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Phone Number: +45 5151 1838

  • Email:

  • Year of birth: 1981

  • Marital status: In a relationship

Security approved by the danish government to work as a consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013

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